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Pink Fir Apple Potatoes

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They are fingerling because of their shape. Has a Scottish heritage, they are similar to a Kipfler. They are waxy and hold their shape well. They have a rosy blush over the skin and a lovely flavour in salads and roasted 

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Pink Fir Apple Potatoes

Another roasting hit with everyone.

Fresh spuds great quality

I ordered a range of spuds from waxy to starchy. They took a week to arrive but worth the wait. They’re in excellent nick and have proved to cook up extremely well. Goodbye to old stale store bought “unbrushed “ spuds for me.

Linda in the NT
Delicious pink firs, creamy yellow Aztecs

After becoming desperate for a decent potato in Alice Springs, only having access to 'white potatoes' from the supermarkets, I went online. There I found the Spud Sisters, with the announcement, 'Now delivering to the NT' so I thought, right, here's your chance to finally get some decent spuds. I ordered 3kg of Pink Fir Apples and 3kg of Aztec Sunrise spuds. The box duly arrived in 9 days, was well packed, and the spuds in great condition. They are washed and clean in nice brown paper bags. The pink firs are absolutely delicious, just gently boiled and eaten with salt, pepper and butter. The Aztecs I've added to a leek and potato soup, where they became soft, yellow and creamy. What a relief to have decent spuds in the house, but I shall have to eke them out and make them last, because with freight it was $80 for the box, but oh, so worth it. Oh and apparently I was the first NT order! Thank you Spud Sisters!

Kate M
Great spuds

These spuds are the best. Amazing service with your delivery. We cooked these on our firepit and they were amazing! We roasted some. We chipped some. We loved them.

Anne-Maree PEARCE
Great Spuds!

thanks so much for delivery. Kipfler, Pink Fir and Maris Piper. We are a potatoe family, and will be making another order very soon. First time for Maris Piper : they are a great hit! Ottolenghi suggested them in a recipe in his book Simple. Thanks Spud Sisters : your potatoes are fresh, good value and quality product!