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Kipfler Potatoes

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Kipfler potatoes have a long narrow shape, they have a unique buttery and nutty flavour.They are perfect boiled, steamed, sautéed, roasted and BBQ there dishes are quite endless! 

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philippa barlow

Your potatoes are fantastic!!So many varieties and so fresh.The Sebago were great for chips.Very crisp

Bridget Steuer

Kipfler Potatoes

Tracey Williams
Amazing Kipflers

Just made twice cooked kipflers, soooo crunchy. I used lard rather than Duck Fat as I used to in Germany, cos Duck Fat was hard to come by in Germany. I boiled them in salty water first, peeled them when cool, cut them up and put them in the fridge until this evening. First fry was at low temp until lightly golden, then took them out and drained them and popped them aside and took lard off the gas and let them cool. Then popped the lard back on the gas on high and popped the kipflers back on until deep golden. They were soooooooo crispy, loved them. Thanks so much ladies.

Great Spuds!

I recently ordered some home delivered potatoes from Spud Sisters. I was very pleased with the quality and diverse range of spuds they have - top notch service and top notch product!

Amanda Kirchner
Potatoes lovely

Loved your product , would like to buy again , how ever my shipment was left in my front yard , luckily it was not stolen but it was drenched from the heavy rain and box and packing absolutely drenched and potatoes all over the ground. Very disappointing of sendle to carelessly leave a shipment in the front yard . All the good dirt was washed off the potatoes .