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King Edward Potatoes

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King Edward potatoes love the oven in every way you fancy! King Edward potatoes are great for steaming, roasting and hasselbacks. When boiled gently will make a fluffy mash.

Customer Reviews

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Great chip potatoes

I made chips and everybody loved them, crispy outside and fluffy inside.

Marc Llewellyn
I like it that they are here

It’s wonderful that this amazing business in supplying potatoes that can’t be found usually in Australia. King Edwards are floury and not so great to roast, in my experience at least, but other people might like them in this way. They are tasty though, but a bit dry. I’m not sure how other people use them.

Stephen Gorsuch

Best spud for delicious roast potatoes just add duck fat

Bruce Hill
Great King Edward’s

I’ve been trying to make the best possible chips for a while now, but the standard potatoes available in the supermarket weren’t cutting it. I needed proper chipping potatoes and found that Spud Sisters had the King Edward variety available. I fried up a batch of hand cut chips in duck fat and they were absolutely perfect! Crunchy on the outside and light and fluffy on the inside.

Neil Denham
King edward

These are best potatoes ever, they taste really good.