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Dutch Cream Potatoes

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Similar to Nicola but slightly lighter. Easier to mash whilst still being creamy. Good roaster but don’t expect super crunch! Also beautiful for boiling and potato salad!

Customer Reviews

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Joe Allan
Dutch cream heaven

Used these to make a superlative mash atop a traditional cottage pie
What a great service with premium product delivered to your door

Andrew Davis

great potatoes and delivery service, highly recommend

David English
Mash Potatoes that taste like potatoes...

Like I haven't 'tasted' potatoes for so long, the aroma and taste took me back to my childhood days when things had taste. Hard to explain. Still tossing up whether they are better in the potato ricer or just straight mashed, they lose a bit of that earthiness and character in the ricer.

Marija Atanaskovic
Best Potatoes

Always wanted to try Maris Piper, can’t get them at Christmas like in England, fabulous for chips. Dutch Creams are the best for roasting in duck fat. Excellent quality.

Livia Rushworth
More nice spuds.

Love the Dutch Cream. Nice mashed. Super in a casserole.