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NEW SEASON Cranberry Red Potatoes

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Red skin with rosy pink marble flesh. These are waxy and a good all purpose potato. They have a strong earthy flavour and can handle strong herbs, condiments, sautéing, curries, salad, soup and mash 

Customer Reviews

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Cranberry Red

These look and taste great. Added them to a casserole and they almost melted in your mouth. Also made great wedges and a fun coloured mash.

Michela Renders
Cranberry Joy

So much fun to cut into these spuds & see the gorgeous marbled colour. Perfect in a curry as they soaked up the flavours but held their shape, as well as keeping the colour.


Light and fluffy and delicious

Hung Du
Colorful eating

The best tasting red potatoes ever. Salt roasted and add garlic cream or cream and chives with a bit of bacon makes for a great tasting dish. The bright red flesh of the potato against the white cream and green chives is strikingly bright and cheerful. Would be perfect for Christmas.

Jill Favero
Perfect potatoes

I tasted Cranberry red potatoes from Spud Sisters for the first time. They make a great (pink) mash and added texture to pumpkin soup. My grandkids loved their ‘pinkness’. Haven’t tried them roasted yet but I’m sure they will up to their reputation as ‘all-rounders’