About Us

Our family has produced potatoes for three generations: planting, growing, picking, bagging, transporting, selling and delivering. We are Melbourne’s Spud Specialists.

The original farm starting in Ballarat’s Mt Pleasant then moving to Green Hill to accommodate growth, the farm is now in Millbrook, with its rich red fertile volcanic soil, fed by natural underground springs.

The Ballarat district is renowned for the quality of its potatoes, and the Spud Sisters know where to find and source the best of them. Our local suppliers have been farming for generations and share our love and respect for the land that produces such bounty. They follow sustainable farming methods, raising their potatoes from certified seed and using natural methods of pest and disease control.

The Spud Sisters are very proud of their family’s farming history. The knowledge we have gained over the years has helped us achieve a loyal clientele throughout Melbourne’s restaurants and family kitchens. We strive to provide our customers with the best available seasonal potato varieties and a range of ways to prepare store and share them with the people they love.