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Warragul Innovator Potatoes

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Has similarities to the Russet, it is used a lot in the processing market for French Fries, so lots of crunch ability in the oven, and will make a smoother light mash. 

Customer Reviews

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Stephen Palmer
Great Chip!

I was pleasantly surprised at what a good chip these potatoes made. Haven't tried them any other way yet but will tonight.

Peter Challis
Excellent for Chips

These make excellent gourmet triple cooked chips.
Great to be able to know your buying a genuine floury potato for the job.
Spud Sisters finally give home chefs the opportunity to select exactly what you need..

Such great potatoes!

I ordered quite a lot of potatoes! My order came with a lovely note letting me know which to eat first. The potatoes were all fantastic! I used the Innovator potatoes to make pierogies. They made a very dry light mash that was perfect for filling pieroiges. Great in the airfryer as well! Delicious!

Jennifer Lindsay

Innovator Potatoes

Bill Frost
Real potatoes again

Thank you Spud Sisters for making potatoes with flavour accessible to spud lovers. The Yukon Gold are the best I’ve had for roasting, and the Innovators are the best for chips.