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NEW SEASON Innovator Potatoes

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Has similarities to the Russet, it is used a lot in the processing market for French Fries, so lots of crunch ability in the oven, and will make a smoother light mash. 

Customer Reviews

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Joseph Mercieca
Great Tasting Frying Potato.

l was looking for a potato that fries well and had a good flavour. Innovator fit the bill beautifully.
Customer service is wonderful. A second order was late, so some bonus potatoes were thrown in. Thank you so much.

Shyrla Werdiger
Good for Kugel

Nice tasty floury potato, mashes well, grated raw is also good for Kugel, not too wet.

Tennille Logan
Greatest spuds EVER!!

I have gotten my spuds monthly at a local farmers market for the past 5 or 6 years... When Covid struck, the spud sisters made it possible by creating an online order and delivery!!
Thank you so very much ladies!

Livia Rushworth
More great spuds.

Very nice chips. We love our spuds and we love variety. It's good to have interesting flavours and textures.

Jill Favero
Super potatoes, delivered quickly

I love all of the potatoes from SpudSisters. I wanted to try a super all rounder. The Innovator potatoes were great roasted ( boil first) and mashed. I am impressed by SPUDSisters delivery - straight to my front door.